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User Contributed Notes
04-07-2017 18:46
Mickey Parker
If you are still without a harmonica, I'd like to help; I have several extras. The date on your post is about two years ago, so I thought I would enquire before going any further. My website deals with harmonica playing, you might find it interesting, too.
16-03-2014 04:16
No 09,
Werakanda Rd,
Hurishchandra lane
Sri Lanka.


Dear Sir.

Mouth organ 24 hole
I like very much this instrument. I was bought it 2002. Then I join music group as well. And I was playing this type of mouth organ. It’s very sweet sound. Unfortunately I met with an accident. I lost my mouth organ, and my left leg even. (Amputated upper knee) Now I am walking with artificial leg.
I am retied government servant. My monthly income is $ 90 only. I am poor. I have no money for spend to buy a Mouth organ. Now no place to me my music group. No way to by a new one. Someone gifted mouth organ toy type one. It’s not enough for me. Then can you donate one for me like this? Or 270 Chromatic Harmonica. I can join my music carrier. I think you will give your special Attention, and donate me mouth organ. I will wish you will help me.

Thank you,

Nihal Weerakoon Rathnayake