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09-05-2011 00:31
hi tinus, first of all ty for this great site and info

i wanna start overblowing and wondered what is the best way?

i heard somewhere i should used a U block for O/B O/D

is it possible to over blow while tongue blocking?

please let me know which method you find easiet and that allows the best control thx, slava
02-09-2010 12:08
Bill Davies
Yep! My initial enthusiasm for this site was richly rewarded by the use of the 'scalefinder'.
22-03-2010 05:33
It is not fair to say (cool) and (very good) about this site.
This site is majical and like a dream come true.
the best harmonica site ever ever ever cz he (and 10hole.com)
is the only one in this fiels. both sites are for tinus.
Tinus, you are awsome brother all my respect for you.
28-12-2009 16:18
very good site!It would be perfect if you add some more audio or workshop!
29-04-2009 04:30
very helpful.. Thanks..
04-10-2008 20:54
Very helpful thing! thanks
12-07-2008 12:43
Your site is so cool. Well done guys!
02-06-2008 10:02
Pat Williams
I liked your site
24-12-2007 09:31
Pat Williams
Cool site.
12-09-2007 19:42
Paul Cohen
Aoki doki. If I get some time I'll see what can be done.

12-09-2007 14:46
All the different key harps are calculated from their note layout, the scales and positions are calculated from their basic layout. It is not practical to adjust the naming convention for harps because the factory naming starts in second position. I understand the problem but it just isn't possible in the current setup. There are other errors in the script that I know of, but they are results of the logic that makes it possible to show this many harps in one page without having to describe each harp seperately. Obviously this occurs when the harp layout doesn't start with the tonic on 1 blow. However I currently don't have the time to change the scripts to counteract the effects of inncorrect tonic identification. If you have the time to change the script to include this then please do.
12-09-2007 14:17
Paul Cohen
Great site, great tools!
However, I'm a little confused with the scale finder on some harps/keys.
http://www.leeoskar.com/mmakerframe.html for example, has melody maker key G playing Am 1st [3rd blow] and Gm 2nd pos [2 draw], with harp starting as CEG etc on blow holes from Hole1. However, if I choose the harp as key G in the scale finder for melody maker type harp, it brings up a harp with GBE etc on blow from hole1, which by Lee Oskars site is a key of D harp with 1st of Em [3rd hole blow] and Dm 2nd position [2 draw].

I have similar confusion with the Natural Minor Lee Oskar Tunings.
For example, Lee Oskar Natural Minor Em harp is Am 1st position [4 blow] and Em 2nd position [2 draw] with ACE etc being the starting blow notes from hole 1. To get this harp you have to select harp key of A with tuning of natural minor, which is inconsistant with Lee Oskar calling this and Em N harp.
However if you select the Key of E with Natural Minor as the Tuning you get a harp with EGB etc from Hole 1 blow on, which is Bm Natural Minor tuning according to Lee Oskar.

Basically I think the Melody Maker and Natural Minor Harp tunings should be consistent with Lee Oskars harp naming conventions as on their harps.

I think you need to calculate them instead of just naming the Key of the harp as whatever note is in hole #1, at least for these two tuning types to be consistent with the manufacturers naming convention.

or am I missing something?

Fantastic tool btw!!
28-05-2007 06:04
Sally Kraus
Cool site
17-08-2006 18:46
it works for me, so there is little I can do to it to change it
17-08-2006 18:05
Alan M. Hall
Download not working for me today.
10-07-2006 21:31
fixed it
10-07-2006 21:26
No, you are right it isn't working. I apparently have done something wrong somewhere. I'll try to fix it ASAP.
10-07-2006 10:11
Hmm, is it me or is the download not working?
05-08-2005 18:17
Capn Crazy Harp
Best introduction on Overblows I've seen yet! Thanks for the scale finder! Thats great.

Very Interested,

Former Student of the Iceman, grand student of Howard Levy (by Iceman only)

Capn Crazy Harp
Blowin Like a cat 5 Hurricane in the Swamp!