User Contributed Notes
31-01-2013 07:58
@ Alan M. Hall, if you want to download it just ---right click the link---- and hit "save link as" and a dialog screen asking you where to save it should pop up
09-08-2009 21:29
Joe Filisko says in his interview:

"Getting all the chromatic notes is really not that important for the blues. Although it's to have, if you can do it it's a great thing."

For years I have regarded harp-playing that way and been in a bit of a closeted world. I have just recently started to explore the internet to discover what's out there and I have realized that there is a massive community of harp players sharing what they know. This is fantastic (and that's an understatement)!

What is on offer here is incredible and 'thanks' just doesn't seem enough to demonstrate appreciation. I really appreciate the value in what you share here.

Big thanks,

06-07-2009 22:27
finally a site i don't have to pay for and has great info thanks a lot man!
16-06-2009 21:31
what to download just play man
06-05-2009 19:46
Shane Stevens
Thanks for the information. It has been a great help. I now know exactly what I have been playing all these years. I bought a harmonica one day, carried it with me for years; learned from the examples of Sonny Boy, Sonny Terry and Charlie Musselwhite, but never paid much attention to the technical part of what I was playing. Thank you very much!
09-01-2009 20:36
al price
By the way Tinus what a great resource you've set up here. Cheers.

09-01-2009 20:34
al price
Hey Alan.

Just right click on the scale name and bob's yer uncle. It worked for me mate.

11-05-2007 16:00
Maybe tenor sax players have their own websites....
11-05-2007 06:27
Do it for tenor sax and all of the other instruments
17-08-2006 18:11
Hey, never mind! I just found them under Examples at the top of the page. Thanks so much.
17-08-2006 18:09
Alan M. Hall
Is there any way to download these scales as mp3's so one does not have to be online to practice with them?
I use this kind of thing a lot, as Howard Levy gave us a booklet he wrote of scales and arpeggios and I have been re-creating them with a tenor sax in GarageBand on my Mac as midi files. I could do that for these, but your tone is so good and you are much better to listen to than the machine. Thanks for all your work; it is a great site.
Alan Hall