What harmonica overblows best?
The best harmonicas for overblowing are made by Joe Filisko. These however are difficult to come by (checkout the Guild's website).

There is a number of other harmonica customizers that make very good overblow harmonica's.

see: "links"

also see: "What production harmonica is most easily modified to an overblow harp?"
User Contributed Notes
05-06-2009 17:59
The best harmonicas at the moment are Brazillian and German so going to the USA to buy harmonicas isn't that good an idea. In fact there are no harmonica factories in the States. The Bushmans are just rebranded Herings and Seydells. The SBS, the overdrive and the XB40 are all specialty items. They are not normal harmonicas and I wouldn't advice them for normal playing. The Seydell 1847 is a very good harmonica, one of the very best at the moment. Other excelent harmonicas are the Suzuki firebreath and the Hering Golden Blow (despite the rediculous name)
05-06-2009 16:30
hering ? soul's voice bushman ? golden melodie ?.... (plz i want to know there activity when it's out of the box)
thanks forward
05-06-2009 16:22
hi tinus, i've been bending notes on lee oskar harmonicas for 3 years and now i am sick of its non responsivity and the toughness needed to play on it, i wanna buy some harmonicas from usa(my friend is going there for tourism) and i don't wanna risk customizing my harp as i live in a mediteranean country where there are no pro customizers, so plz i need u to orient me about some out of the box harmonicas brands for more overblowing holes and large space of bending notes.(is the low or the high better for that matter).
what about the special SBS hohner? suzuki overdrive? xb 40 hohner? The SEYDEL 1847 ?
22-07-2005 22:54
also see the interview with Joe Filisko on this site: